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My Guide for Big Island Home Buyers

Buying property on the Big island of Hawaii is for many people a dream come true. While the process is undoubtedly exciting there are certainly a lot of considerations to be made. The Big island is not all beaches and palm trees. Of course those things are here, but the Big Island is much better defined by its rich ecological diversity. The Island boast 8 of the 13 known climate zones. Nowhere else in the world can you find comparable diversity in such a compacted space. On this island, you can find tropical rainforests, deserts, beaches, lava fields, green pasturelands and snow capped mountains. So, whatever your idea of paradise, the Big Island of Hawaii has a place for you. Check out my interactive Big Island Regions Map for an overview of this dynamic Island.

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Buying Big Island Real Estate

First, you need to determine how much house you can afford. The best way to do this is to become pre-qualified for a mortgage. Pre-qualification is a vital step to take before you begin your Big Island home search. By knowing ahead of time what price range you’re able to shop in, you save a great deal of time by weeding out properties that are outside your financial scope. You’re also able to prevent the disappointment of falling in love with a house that’s beyond your means. I’m here to guide you through the pre-qualification process. Meet my Big Island Mortgage Specialists and take advantage of my free mortgage calculator!

Big Island Regions

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  • 1North Kohala
  • 2Kohala Coast
  • 3Kona
  • 4Hamakua
  • 5Hilo
  • 6Puna
  • 7Kau
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North Kohala is lush, green, an full of character. The small but picturesque towns of Kapaau and Hawi are the two major towns in this region. The town of Hawi is know for its trendy art stores and delicious boutique restaurants. The region is green from top to bottom and boasts some of the most scenic views of Maui from the elevated coastline. Pololu Valley is a trademark of this regions and a sought after destination for hikers and observers alike.
Home to some of the finest resorts on the island this Area is not lacking in sunshine or beautiful beaches. Many find this coastline to have some of the best scuba diving in all the islands. Hapuna beach, which is the largest beach on the island, is a popular destination for anybody looking to enjoy sand and sun. At higher elevations you will the quite comfortable neighborhood of Waikoloa village, and even higher, the quaint ranch town of Waimea. At approximately 3000 ft elevation, Waimea is cooler and receives more rainfall than than the coastal regions. On sunny days, the deep blue Waimea sky and the breathtaking vistas of Mauna Kea towering over expansive green pastures, make Waimea a truly unique place in paradise.
The Gold Coast, as it is appropriately nicknamed is famous for its copious amounts of sunshine and world class snorkeling. Although the Big Island isn’t known necessarily for its beaches, the Kona Coast is home to the best the Island has to offer. Sunshine is no stranger to this area and in fact receives record breaking amounts of sunshine every year. As elevation increases so does rainfall, giving way to a lush rainforest climate, perfect for growing almost all of Hawaii’s coveted crops. Yes, coffee included. This region is home to Kailua-Kona, the islands second largest city. Though it’s not necessarily a bustling metropolis, there are plenty of great restaurants, shopping centers, and activities to enjoy.
Hamakua is know for its lush tropical valleys and its fertile soil for growing almost all of Hawaii’s tropical fruits. Driving the coast may very well be the most scenic drive you will ever take. In this drive you will weave in and out of valley’s, spots beautiful hidden waterfalls, pass secluded, tucked away banana and papaya farms with stunning views of Maui to the north on clear days. Waipio Valley is one of the most visited of the Big Islands natural beauties (pictured above). It is the first and largest valley in a chain of five stretching from Honokaa in Hamakua to Hawi in North Kohala. The back of the valley begins in the heart of the Kohala Mountains and empty into pristine black sand beaches. Get lost in the tropical beauty of the Hamakua Coast.
The Hilo region is blessed with dramatic waterfalls, fertile rainforests and blooming gardens; the geographic opposite of the volcanic Kohala Coast. Rainbow Falls is an absolutely must see. Hilo is home to Hilo town, the largest city on the island at around 43,000 inhabitants. There is plenty to do in Hilo. Restaurants, bars and the Big Islands best shot at night life can be found here. Unique black sand beaches dot the coastline of Hilo as well as some great local surf spots. Hilo is the Gateway to the Volcanoes National Park 45 minutes to the south.
This area on the eastern tip of Hawaii Island stretches from the sea to the 4,000-foot summit of Kilauea volcano. On the coast you’ll find roiling ocean, black-sand beaches and a spring warmed by the volcano’s steam. Towards the volcano you’ll find rainforests, steam vents and the rugged landscapes of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Puna’s most dramatic destination is Kalapana, a community that is partially covered by lava. In 1990, lava from Kilauea engulfed this historic town and the black sand beach at Kaimu. Today, the focal point is a viewing area where you can watch lava meet the sea. Part of the Volcano National Park is in Puna as well and is one of Hawaii’s most unique and sought after destinations.
“Vast, rural and remote, Hawaii Island’s southernmost region, Kau, seems almost untouched by civilization except around the small communities of Naalehu and Pahala. In this area you’ll discover things have moved along at a pace all their own. Home to most of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and Kilauea, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, this is a place of natural wonders where you can witness the growth of the island right before your eyes. Other sights in Kau include Ka Lae, known as South Point, the southernmost point in the United States. Punaluu Black Sand Beach is one of Hawaii’s most well known black sand beaches. And in the upcountry Kau Desert within the boundaries of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park you’ll find footprints of long-ago warriors trapped in volcanic ash, a result of one of Kilauea’s rare explosive eruptions. Here taxing trails crisscross the land, from the mountains to the sea, tempting backpackers and hikers.”

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Micah is a tenacious realtor. He was able to communicate clearly, frequently and with urgency. He followed through every step of the way through the VA purchasing process from initiation to completion of the sale. I am extremely happy with my new condo, it has excellent rental potential and is the right home for my budget and lifestyle in the heart of Kailua Kona.